Making America Safe Again

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We all know the dangers of being alone at school, work, or out on the road so Safety Tech Security Products have put together a list of non-lethal self defense products for your safety and affordable on any budget.

 All these products come with a 90 day money back guarantee, and is affordable on any budget. We are Making America safe Again.

Pepper Spray – Our pepper sprays  Wildfire® and Pepper Shot® are manufactured and made here in Jacksonville,FL.  We use the true measure of effectiveness which is Major Capsaicinoids.  Our pepper sprays are some of the most powerful on the market.

Wireless Security Alarms - Our selectio of wireless security alarms keep you safe at home even when the electricity goes out during a storm, and when you are on the road with your RV or bus.

Diversion Safes - Our diversion safes look and feel like actual household products so you can hide your valuables in plain sight.

Personal Safety Devices - Our selection of personal safety devices are idea for joggers, meter readers, hikers, teachers, or anyone who is out in public often.

Safety Lights - Our safety lights are idea for anyone who is out at night jogging, hiking, etc..

Pain is more than just physical pain. The pain that our products could help you with are: fear, timidity, lack of confidence, going through life as a victim, apprehension, doubt, anxiety, dwelling on bad things that could happen and more.

Personal protection is important, and if you have kids going off to college they need self defense tools badly. Each and every year kids disappear days after starting college. If those kids had been taught to carry and use simple self defense tools they would still be here today.

I think that if some of those kids at those dangerous colleges  had been carrying pepper spray, that mentally deranged freak that shot them would be in jail awaiting execution, and there might not be any dead. I could be wrong here, but the point is that nobody was prepared.

And I’m thinking, how many will be prepared this year?

How many parents will send their kids off into the world this fall without a clue as to how to defend themselves?

You can bet that didn’t happen 200 years ago.

Somebody once said you can never be too rich or too thin.

I say you can never have too many personal protection tools.

Being rich and thin certainly won’t save your life.

And saying you woulda purchased them, shoulda purchased them, or coulda purchased them won’t cut it.

If you’re prepared, you won’t be surprised.

Ladies: Speak Like A Man When In Danger!!

When a woman is dealing with a confrontational male, the social contract tells us to be quiet, not make a scene, and hope the encounter ends quickly.

You are told, implicitly and explicitly, that speaking up for ourselves makes things worse.

The truth is, being quiet and submissive was always a deeply flawed solution, and when faced with a nonresistant woman, many men will feel empowered to escalate the violence.

And politely asking an aggressor to stop being aggressive simply doesn’t work.

Although it goes against our collective cultural conditioning, oftentimes the best response to a confrontational or inappropriate male is to be loud and firm, in a tone that allows no room for negotiation or argument.

This assertive verbal language and accompanying body language is often what we consider “male-encoded.”

Consider the difference between a woman quietly saying, “Please stop doing that. You’re making me feel uncomfortable,” versus the same woman saying, “YOU! CUT THAT OUT!” while making a noticeable jerking motion with her thumb.

The assertive approach accomplishes two things: it puts the aggressor on notice that you are NOT an easy target and whatever he does to you will come with a consequence; and it alerts anyone nearby that you are in a precarious situation and they may need to step in or call for help.

Before you’re ever faced with a situation, think of aggressive phrases men use, and role-play saying these same things out loud. Practice until you’re comfortable saying these things firmly, authoritatively, and are able to call them up instantly.

Making America Safe Again

Safety Tech Security Products offers wireless security alarms for your home or RV, personal safety devices for when your out alone, jogging, working, at school, etc..,safety lights for your night time protection, diversion safes to hide your valuables in plain sight, and vehicle safety products while you are out on the highway, or on vacation. All these products come with a 90 day money back guarantee, and is affordable on any budget. We are Making America safe Again.

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